Today I published my first npm package. That feels weird to say, but I’ve just never bothered contributing back my individual code features into the node ecosystem before. I hope to do more of it soon.

This npm package is called @jamestomasino/scroll-frame and it marries the features of requestAnimationFrame with a scroll listener.

A common pattern I run into is the desire to run some code when the browser is scrolling. In the past we used to set up scroll event listeners. Later we learned to debounce these listeners to keep things sane. Later still we got access to requestAnimationFrame and people did away with scroll listeners altogether. That method is pretty light on resources and gives us a great update resolution. But in those situations where I’m using it specifically for handling scroll behaviors I don’t want it processing my callback functions over-and-over when the browser window is still.

The solution is simple: check if the browser changed its scroll position since last frame. If not, skip it. If so, run the callbacks. And that’s what this little package does. It wraps it all up nicely and encapsulates the loop management and exposes two functions: addScrollListener and removeScrollListener. They each take one parameter, a callback function. This package will reuse the same requestAnimationFrame loop and process all the callbacks that have been registered when the scroll position changes.

I’ve avoided using some of the newer object methods on Array in order to keep browser support pretty wide. This will work back to IE10.

Things I’m thinking of adding:

  • optional second parameter that makes the callback binding weak. If the callback is triggered and it throws an error, if “weak” I’ll remove it from the callback list going forward and the app will continue.

  • um, well, that’s it so far.

Have any ideas? Comments? Hate my code? Throw a PR on there or chat me up.

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