I had a really great day when my manager came to me with this. A client needed a new preloader for their huge games. It needed to be a game in itself, but one that could be enjoyed for 5 seconds or 2 minutes with equal glee. It needed to be tiny (because it’s a preloader) and intuitive. They gave me no concepts, just a day to make it happen. LOVE IT!

So I started playing. Before I knew it I had created this. Ok, well not exactly this. I may have started with blood. Yeah, those bubbles used to be blood splatter you could smear around. It would glob up together and be super gross. I guess that’s not exactly fitting for a kids game, so I changed the graphics and removed the smear code. Instead I added functionality for bubble popping and merging, which makes this thing ten times cooler than blood. Ok, maybe 3 times cooler.

I believe it’s still being used in some form or another. This version was my personal favorite. It could use a bit of optimization, but for 8hrs, I’m really proud of it.

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