Tomasino Labs

When good ideas run short on time

An experiment to implement major distance calculation formulae using latitude and longitude, and comparing results.

Implementing a toy project to encode information using unicode characters with a similar visual style as English counterparts in order to fool basic net monitoring tools at work.

A toy project in AS3 to create a flaming pawn effect. Inspired by the chess website, Red Hot Pawn.

A toy project to visually depict time resourcing of projects.

Implementing a visual transition that slices up dynamic visual content to flip tiles in Flash AS3.

A loading screen designed to entertain young children by allowing them to play with and pop bubbles.

A small project I created as a portfolio piece when applying for work at an advertising company early in my career.

Generating silly names in the elvish style based on the components given in Tolkein's language notes.

Implementing a faux depth of field in Flash using mouse controls.

A silly logo design to make fun of a company I've never heard of.

A component in Flash developed to create a visual accordion effect for images.