Tomasino Labs

When good ideas run short on time

My technique for organizing, obfuscating, and generally over-engineering my email to avoid spam via aliases.

Writing a plugin for WordPress to embed code from Github and automatically highlight syntax.

An experiment to recreate the famous VIC cipher encoders and decoders using Flash AS3.

Creating a new Streaming Video Player to fix the glaring inconsistencies and missing functionality in the native AS3 component.

The AS3 Netstream object is broken and inconsistent in several ways. This article outlines the creation of a replacement class which uniformly manages properties, methods, and events.

Digitizing a font my father created manually in his college days as homage and gift.

An AS3 class to wrap the Trace functionality with more context, formatting, and flexibility.

Exploring the early days of cryptography by recreating manual techniques using Flash AS3.

Identifying a rich keyboard management system developed by DestroyToday.

An overview of Interfaces for developers unfamiliar with the concept using Flash AS3 as an example.

A basic implementation of a keycode reader in Flash AS3 for fun and profit.

A modest proposal for an ever-so-slightly evil interpretation of SEO that is already being leveraged by intelligence groups worldwide to be adopted by corporate interests.