Tomasino Labs

When good ideas run short on time

A How-To guide on Regular Expressions, created for my development team and shared for your enjoyment.

Transforming this labs blog into the Pelican static site generator.

A proposal for a Github-style platform for collaborative, open science.

A git alias that shows a list of files modified after an abstract date.

A mathematical experiment in using the Chess ELO rating system for the comparison of an abstract pool.

A web-development boilerplate using a number of ruby and bash tools.

Creating designs that react to dynamic content and adapt the user experience.

Enabling AS3 ExternalInterface calls asynchronously through pure awesomeness and alchemy, or maybe just leveraging JavaScript.

Using quirks of OSX to play funny pranks on people in the office AKA The Crazy Monkey.

A critical review of the current state of HTML5 in a post-Flash world.

An experiment to create a basic CSS preprocessor and minifier using PHP.