Moving to Hugo

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated my labs blog, and that is sadly for the dumbest of reasons: I broke my jekyll install. Somewhere along the way I mixed things up and my ruby gems were all conflicting with one another. Sure I could have fixed it, but who has the time for that? Instead, I just wrote all my thoughts on gopher where the kewl kids hang.

I have some things I want to start sharing here again, so it’s finally time to dust this place off. I imported all my old content into hugo using the very sexy command:

hugo import jekyll old_site new_site

It worked!

I’m using the “Tale” theme, which I picked out in about 10 seconds from the theme list since it looked fairly minimal. I may do some work on it in the future, or I may not. That’s the theme of this joint, after all.

More to come!

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