Moving to Hugo (Part 2)

I’ve been able to secure matching permlinks in hugo to the ones that jekyll was generating. I had done some work in the old system to get rid of unnecessary folder paths and make the canonicals easy to remember. Now we’re doing the same awesomeness here. Thanks to @maiki for his help. There’s apparently a very simple setting I could have added to my config to do this for me, but I’m stupid and manually set up a url: header in every file. Whatever works, right?

One other note I forgot to mention in my last post: the speed. Jekyll took about 90 seconds to build my labs site on this MacBook Air. Hugo does it faster than the screen can render done. That is a huge deal and really does have an impact on my willingness to write content.

I find gopher so accessible and comforting because there’s no effort to post. I just open my editor and I’m done! Hugo is getting closer to that, probably as close as I’ll ever get with the web.

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