It's always Friday somewhere

I have unilaterally decided that the planets of our solar system have different days of the week than Earth. Why? Because I accidentally said, “It’s always Friday somewhere,” instead of “It’s always 5:00 somewhere.” Oops.

So what are the days of the week? I decided each planet should be offset from our own day of the week by one day per planet. But which way should they shift? Should Mars always be one day in the future or in the past?

Then it hit me! Planets closer to the Sun should be one day closer to Sunday. Planets further from the Sun should be one day further from Sunday!

This means, of course, that the direction of the days of the week changes whether it’s Monday-Wed or Thurs-Sat on Earth. How fun!

Planetary Days of the Week

Planetary Days of the Week

Here’s a chart!

But what happens when it’s Sunday on Earth?


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