Google Analytics target=_blank bug

There is a bug in GoogleAnalytics that causes links with target=_blank to open a new window as well as navigating the current window to the new link. This happens primarily in CMSs where you have the option to “Track Outbound Links”. Below is my solution to this problem.

First of all, my solution requires jQuery (because if you’re using JavaScript, why would you use anything else).

Second, turn off “Track Outbound Links” if you have that option. We’ll do it manually.

Third, I’ve named my methods in such a way that they really shouldn’t collide with anything of yours.

Finally, I’m using namespaces on my click events so that I won’t destroy any other click events you might have on your links. My convention is to make the namespace of the click equal the name of the method it calls. It lends some semblance of organization to JS, I find.

jQuery(document).ready( google_analytics_documentready );

function google_analytics_documentready ($) {
	// unbind first in case we're doing weird stuff with ajax loading or

			google_analytics_trackoutbound );

function google_analytics_trackoutbound (e) {
	try {
		_gaq.push(["_trackEvent", "Outbound links", "Click",]);
	catch(err) { }
	return true;

Comments, as always, are welcome!

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