I’ve been doing a lot of work this past week developing my own custom boilerplate for developing HTML5/CSS/JS projects. There’s a ton out there already (e.g., HTML5 Boilerplate) but I wanted to brew up my own environment just the way I like it. More than that, I wanted it to use some of the cool cutting-edge development tools out there, like SASS, Compass, l10n.js, LiveReload, and Sprockets. The result has been extremely gratifying and has already proven itself effective.

Sass-Boilerplate - a name I gave it before it blew up with a bunch of other cool tools, can be found over on my github account. Pull requests and issues welcome!

There is an extensive README file with installation instructions and a few helpful usage guides. It has a few dependencies: ruby, rubygems, bundler, command-line-tools (OSX only), LiveReload browser plugin (if you want to use LiveReload). All of that is written up and linked over on github. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Oh, and as an example, was recently rebuilt using the boilerplate. Feel free to dive in to the source over on github for that site as well!

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