Tomasino Labs

When good ideas run short on time

I built a simple time tracker in Bash as a way to hone my command line skills.

Who needs fancy fitness trackers when you can do everything in the command line with Bash, like a crazy person?

Integrating accelerated mobile pages into this blog for screaming fast performance. A weekend project.

Learning the most powerful text editor in the world will change everything

Creating an infinite-scroll photo gallery in Python using the Flickr API.

Creating project specific settings for vim to enable custom abbreviations and spelling in writing projects.

Wearable devices should look to the past for input inspiration. MORSE code holds the key.

Taking a tour of my favorite tools for productivity, programming, and all around awesomeness.

A How-To guide on Regular Expressions, created for my development team and shared for your enjoyment.

Transforming this labs blog into the Pelican static site generator.

A proposal for a Github-style platform for collaborative, open science.

A git alias that shows a list of files modified after an abstract date.

A mathematical experiment in using the Chess ELO rating system for the comparison of an abstract pool.